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Whale Watching Tourist Destinations in Juneau Alaska

Whale Watching Tourist Destinations in Juneau Alaska

This last frontier state is certainly filled with pristine natural beauty and abundant wildlife, one of which is whale. The best whale watching tourist destination in the world is in Juneau, the capital of Alaska. Some might even call the experience overwhelming. On a whale watching trip in Juneau, you won’t just be able to see them from afar. But it also allows visitors to learn more about their behavior and migration patterns.

Whale watching tourist destination

A whale watching tour in Juneau occurs as you sail through the stunning Inside Passage. The Inside Passage stretches hundreds of miles and includes more than 1000 islands, beautiful coastlines and several bays. Sailing this stretch of water will give you the opportunity to see several types of whales.

Take the humpback whale, the most iconic whale species you’ll see in Alaska. You can also hear the voices and songs of whales. Apart from that, they are also not afraid to approach the boat.
Another type of whale is the Orca, which is also known as the killer whale. With their striking black and white colors and incredible hunting strategies, orcas are a joy to watch. If you are lucky you can also meet Minke whales.
As per whale watching tourism guidelines, it is recommended to keep your distance from whales. But you might be able to see whales up close and personal. Sometimes the whales swim very close to the boat, or if they want they can break right in front of the boat.

In addition to whale watching in Juneau, you also gain knowledge about whales and their conservation. That way you will know the importance of preserving their natural habitat. While in Juneau, you can also observe other wildlife such as bald eagles, sea lions, seals, and dolphins. Since Juneau is located in the heart of the Inside Passage, you will be surrounded by floating ice floes.

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