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Venezuela issued an arrest warrant for Juan Guaido

Venezuela issued an arrest warrant for Juan Guaido

After Nicolas Maduro’s contested re-election in 2018. The exiled former head of the National Assembly declared himself “interim president” in January 2019. He is accuse of high treason and usurping power.

On Thursday, October 5, the Venezuelan prosecutor’s office. Announced that it had issued an arrest warrant for opposition leader Juan Guaido. And will turn to Interpol for assistance in his capture. It is decide to appoint prosecutors “to issue an arrest warrant against him and to request a Red Notice. From Interpol so that he pays for his crimes,” prosecutor Tarek William Saab said.

The official stated that Guaido, who is presently living in exile in the United States,. Is accuse of treason, usurping authority, money laundering, and association with the aim to commit a crime. The prosecutor from Venezuela alleged, citing “reveals” released to the press by a federal court. That Guaido used the resources of PDVSA (the public oil giant). To cause losses close to or greater than $19 billion.

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After contesting President Nicolas Maduro’s reelection in 2018, the former head of the National Assembly, Guaido, declared himself “interim president” of Venezuela in January 2019. Numerous nations, including the United States, which had enacted a series of sanctions against Caracas, including an oil embargo, supported Guaido’s claim. Guaido, however, has lost his previous prominence after failing to remove Maduro from office. Additionally, his tenure as acting president is formally terminate by the Venezuelan opposition in late last year.

Senior administration officials stated that Venezuela had agreed to accept back its citizens who crossed the US-Mexico border illegally and did not have a valid reason to remain in the US. The new strategy was referred to as “a key piece” of the administration’s approach to migration by Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

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