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US after Moscow Hit by Drones: We Do Not Support Attacks Inside Russia

US after Moscow Hit by Drones: We Do Not Support Attacks Inside Russia
US after Moscow Hit by Drones We Do Not Support Attacks Inside Russia. Emphasized that they do not support the strike inside. Russian territory after the Red Bear Country reported that a drone allegedly belonging to Ukraine hit Moscow, Wednesday (23/8). A US State Department spokeswoman said Washington neither initiated nor supported the Ukrainian attacks targeting Russian territory. As reported by Reuters , a spokesman for the US Foreign Ministry said that although the US supplied various weapons and combat equipment, it was Ukraine that decided how to defend against a Russian invasion. The US confirmed its position after the Russian Ministry of Defense claimed to have shot down three drones targeting the capital Moscow on Wednesday (23/8).

The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that one drone

Allegedly launched by Ukraine, was brought down in the Mozhaisky district and another in the Khimki district. AFP reported , the video uploaded on Telegram shows fire trucks and other emergency services vehicles being deployed around the site. One window of the high-rise building was damaged. Mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, said the authorities were currently investigating the area of ​​the business district. Several windows were broken in two adjacent five-story buildings,” Sobyanin said. Even so, Sobyanin confirmed that there were no casualties or injuries in the attack. Meanwhile, the Russian news agency, TASS , reported that the drone attacks resulted in temporary suspension of all flights at Vnukovo, Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo airports.

RIA Novosti news agency had reported that the sound of an explosion was also heard in the business district area, followed by rising smoke.

This is the umpteenth attack targeting the Moscow region. Ukraine has so far never officially claimed responsibility for the attacks. A Ukrainian defense official who did not reveal his identity had admitted to one of the drone attacks in Moscow in July. However, there was no official statement from the Ukrainian government. Drone attacks like this in Moscow have only start to increase since May. After the drone enter Russia and was destroy over the Kremlin Palace.

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