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Ukraine Commemorates Independence Day, Struggles Against Russian Colonization

Ukraine Commemorates Independence Day, Struggles Against Russian Colonization

Ukraine Commemorates Independence Day, Struggles Against Russian Colonization. The people of  celebrate Independence Day , which falls on Thursday, August 24, 2023. This commemoration coincides with the adoption of the Law on the Proclamation of Independence of  in 1991. The document, adopted by the extraordinary assembly of the Verkhovna Rada and proclaimed the founding of the Ukrainian Republic which was originally named the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. Ukraine was annexed by the Soviet Union after World War II until the Soviet disbanded in 1991.

The endorsement is not the first attempt to legitimize Ukraine’s independence. At different times in the turbulent 20th century, different regions of Ukraine announced the creation of a self-governing state. Three of them did so in 1918.  In January last year the People’s Republic of Ukraine adopted the Fourth Universal Declaration of Independence.

Today, the Ukrainian People’s Republic becomes the independent and independent Ukrainian People’s Free Sovereign State.

We strive to live in harmony and friendship with all neighboring countries: Russia, Poland, Austria, Romania, Turkey and others, but none of them can interfere in the life of the Independent Ukrainian Republic, where power rests solely with the Ukrainian people.” thus the contents of the document as quoted from Ukrinform net In the same year, the Kuban People’s Republic and West Ukraine also declared independence. None of these state formations lasted long: the Bolsheviks captured the Kuban and the Ukrainian People’s Republic in 1920, while the states in western Ukraine never survived the Polish-Ukrainian war, so that in July 1919.

the lands of Bukovyna, Halychyna, and Zakarpattia annexed by Poland, Romania, and Czechoslovakia.

In 1939, another state appeared on the territory of Ukraine – Carpathian Ukraine – which a year earlier had gained autonomy as part of Czechoslovakia. However, this action left Hungary dissatisfied with its own territorial claims. In the early hours of March 14, 1939, Hungarian troops invaded Carpathian Ukraine along with Hitler’s troops, and the next day Seim declared the independence of Carpathian Ukraine. On March 18, however, Hungarian troops occupied the area.

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