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Two Years of Taliban Rule Worse Than Feared

Two Years of Taliban Rule Worse Than Feared

Two Years of Taliban Rule Worse Than Feared. The 2 years of the Taliban government, which has become a government, is something to be afraid of. To be honest, I felt like I was alive or not alive because in a very bad dream and it was so difficult for me to. Face and understand what had been done and been through for the past 2 years to. Maryam Marof Armin who is 29 years old and has been by phone. Arwin who lives in. Kabul founded an NGO called the Afghan Women and Children Welfare Organization. However, the organization was captured by the Taliban two years ago, on August 15, 2021, when the Taliban captured the Afghan capital and overthrew the government of President Ashraf Ghani.


As US and NATO troops withdrew from the conflict-torn country after two decades of war, fighters from Islamic fundamentalists conquered entire nations in a matter of weeks. Although the Taliban initially promised to respect women’s rights under Sharia, or Islamic law, they imposed draconian restrictions on women and children. The vast majority of women and girls have been barred from participating in public life, from educational institutions to the labor market. Freedom to move is still very limited.

Warning even before the Taliban takeover

I also do not know and understand where the hope brought by the taliban comes from for the better. We only know that by coming to power for the Taliban, we have lost everything we have achieved,” he added. Twenty days before the Taliban came to power, we, women activists and civil society representatives in Kabul, held a press conference to once again make the world aware of our situation,” she explained.

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We said, ‘Look at the areas that have been controll by the Taliban at that time

and see how they undermine women’s rights. But no one wants to listen to us too bajlan before they fight for Kabul from the Taliban gradually control most of the countryside that is in the country of Afghanistan. In the areas they control, many women and girls are locked up in their homes. Traditional gender roles as daughters can also be mothers or wives which are not much different from the hippies under the government of the previous Taliban from 1998 to 2001. At that time, women and children.

Women were also not allowed to study or work, and were only allowed to leave their homes when accompanied by a male relative. Many women were also publicly whipped or executed if they disobeyed the rule of the Taliban government. The situation today is not much different from the rule of the Taliban in the 1990s, Alema Alema, former deputy peace minister for Afghanistan, told the DW team. Before the Taliban took over the government, the Ministry of Peace was in charge of intra-Afghan peace negotiations. This ministry was later disband, after the group seized power. This time, the Taliban were simply more careful and more experienced than when they first came to power, said Alema.

Since taking power they have issued 51 bans affecting women, more than one per month,” he said.They didn’t announce everything at once because they didn’t want to frighten the world community. In Afghanistan, they also have to act carefully so as not to antagonize the people, before they consolidate their power.”

Rush to leave the war torn country

The United States (US) government, under former President Donald Trump, took the initiative to. Start direct discussions with the Taliban in 2018.Alema, who is currently living in. Germany, believes the outcome will be very different from a government. Taken by Trump’s experts, which involved the government of the former government of Ghani and local experts in the process.

Washington and its partners are holding talks with the.Taliban in the Qatari capital. Doha, to open an outlet for US citizens in Afghanistan, where. Taliban fighters, since their ouster in 2001, have offered fierce armed resistance to the Kabul government and foreign forces.

This conflict has claimed the lives of thousands of Afghan civilians as well as foreign troops. Talks with the Taliban resulted in an agreement on February 29, 2020, which set a timetable. For the withdrawal of US and NATO troops from Afghanistan.


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