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Traveling to France 2024 Avoid Visiting This City

Traveling to France 2024 Avoid Visiting This City

France is a country that attracts tourists all over the world. Usually they will choose the city of Paris as their main tourist destination. Good for a walk along the Champs Elysees. Pose under the Eiffel Tower and see the Mona Lisa in the Louvre.
Everyone must visit these destinations at least once in their life. But tourists should avoid this extraordinary and iconic destination in 2024. Instead, several other cities in France are no less interesting to visit.
Some of the reasons why Paris is a destination to avoid if Pranics is because there are too many tourists. This year Pairs is one of the cities experiencing overtourism. This made Tourism Minister Pranics, Olivia Gregoire, in June plan to encourage tourists to visit less popular destinations than Paris, Mont-Saint-Michel and Brehat.
Apart from that, in 2024 the Olympics will be held in the city. According to recent research, it is estimated that an additional 3 million people will visit Paris by 2024. Of course, the Olympic games are expected to attract 15 million spectators, including overseas visitors, local residents and domestic visitors.
Many experts have expressed concern about Paris’ readiness to host the Olympics and welcome large numbers of visitors. The public transport system itself will struggle to cope with the excess number of visitors during this peak period.
For sports fans Paris will be a must-visit destination. But if you’re not interested in the Olympics and want to see the city of Lights at its best, 2024 may not be the best time. Many hotel rooms have been booked and prices have soared. The most popular tourist destinations are expected to be full and it will be difficult to find tickets.
Another option besides Paris, try visiting the following three city destinations.


10 choses à faire à Arles | Détours en France

Arles made Vincent van Gogh fall in love and painted some of his most famous masterpieces here. Plus there are numerous UNESCO Roman heritage sites, atmospheric medieval streets perfect for people watching and eating iconic French pastries, and 300 days of sunshine a year. Modern attractions in Arles include the Arles Arena, which is modeled on the Roman Coliseum.


One day in Dijon: the best things to do when time is limited

If you want to explore French culture and cuisine without the hustle and bustle of Paris, try Dijon. In this authentic French city there are many cobbled streets, medieval buildings and beautiful cathedrals. The capital of Burgundy was a center of art and culture in the 15th century. The most iconic attraction is the Place de La Liberation, which is flanked by the 14th-century Ducal Palace and the Musée des Beaux Arts.


Things to do in Tours, France: Tours, France Essential Guide

Another destination is Tours, whose entire area is a UNESCO world heritage site. This small town is considered the gateway to the Loire Valley wine region.
It is nicknamed the French Garden, due to its gothic architecture, cafe-lined square and manicured gardens. It’s even called France’s Diagon Alley because of its iconic Medieval buildings.

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