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Top 5 International News Today

Top 5 International News Today

Top 5 International News Today. Thailand’s former prime why minister PM thaksin shinawatra returned to his kingdom on tuesday 22/8 after 15 years of living in exile. His return now comes hours before parliament in Thailand is due to elect a new, wealthy prime minister. The billionaire landed using a private jet at Bangkok’s Don Mueang airport at 9 am. The Korean peninsula would be realistic at best. local time, and was greeted by hundreds of supporters waving banners and singing songs. Reported by the AFP news agency , Tuesday (22/8/2023), Thaksin emerged briefly from the terminal building to bow and present a bouquet of flowers in front of a photo of King Maha Vajiralongkorn as a mark of respect, before waving goodbye to his supporters. Apart from this news, the following is international news that caught the attention of detikcom readers , today, Tuesday (22/8/2023)

Kim Jong Un grumbles again about flood damage

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un again expressed his anger at the existing high-ranking officials. DiPyongyang, which it referred to in response, was not responsible for any consequential damages floods that have occurred. Kim Jong Un said the North Korean high-ranking officials had “damaged” the national economy. As reported by Reuters , Tuesday (22/8/2023) Kim Jong Un’s latest anger occurred when he inspected tidal fields on the west coast of North Korea on Monday (21/8) local time, after floods inundated the area. North Korea’s official news agency, the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), reported that seawater recently damaged an existing embankment with an inadequate drainage system in the area, triggering flooding of 560 hectares of land, which includes 270 hectares of rice fields.

Ukraine Displayed Charred And Destroy Russian Tanks And Combat Vehicles On The Streets Of Kyiv Earlier This Week

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This happens when citizens, Ukraine prepares to mark their second Independence Day during the war. As reported by Reuters on Tuesday (22/8/2023), the national holiday. Commemorating 32 years of post-Soviet independence from. Ukraine falls on Thursday (24/8), exactly 18 months after Russia launched its massive campaign. Massive invasion of its neighbor. That On Monday (21/8) local time, on the eve of Independence Day commemorations, Kyiv residents walked along. Kreshchatyk Street in the heart of the Ukrainian capital looking at charred armored vehicles and other hardware. Which were displayed in long lines like an endless military parade move.

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