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There’s Keanu Reeves in Cyberpunk 2077, What’s His Character?

There’s Keanu Reeves in Cyberpunk 2077, What’s His Character?

Cyberpunk 2077 Reported by Theverge.com, Cyberpunk 2077, the game that Witcher CD Projekt Red has been waiting for, tells the story of a place called Night City. But in his version, the past is never far away.
Cyberpunk 2077 was announce in 2012, and is based on the series that launch in 1988. After years of work and reportedly months of brutal crises, CD Projekt Red has realized a very ambitious vision: a sprawling virtual city with a compelling narrative. complex and role-playing system.
This is done by playing all these elements very safely and straight. Cyberpunk 2077 is often a satisfying and at times memorable game, but even though it is set in the fast-pace future, it hardly ever surprises.
Cyberpunk 2077 takes place in the eponymous year 2077 and the aforementioned Night City, a Californian megalopolis where highways interlock between skyscrapers and street markets. (Think Los Angeles with its mile-tall billboards and pedestrian-friendly urban planning.) Once America was de facto divide, this fail urban utopia has become an autonomous zone dominated by gangs and multinational corporations.

Every street surface is litter with sexy ads and nihilistic graffiti, while the ultra-rich

have taken refuge in hotels and mega-apartments with a truly gold-plated butler class. Most citizens are one-shots, and all bodies are malleable, ready for dramatic cybernetic modding that mixes flesh with chrome.
Your protagonist is a mercenary name V, who comes from one of three possible backgrounds. A small high-end company in 2077, the crowded slums of Night City, or a group of nomads outside the city. My V is a neon-haired corporate robber, for example, and gets a short story mission about getting drag into a bloody interdepartmental conflict.
After this introduction, V became one of the countless freelancers who explored the demimonde of Night City. Then they join in on a heist orchestrated by a ruthless femme fatale, and sure enough, the job falls apart.

Viewing Cyberpunk 2077’s map is a great experience

with the waypoint icons packed so tightly that selecting certain items requires zooming in. But the game manages to spin around the extended side arcs of some of the core missions nicely.
After the first disastrous act, you are give a lot of clues that can reach the main objective. Tracking it requires dealing with new characters and contacting other participants in the heist. These partners ask for help dealing with their own problems. Which may further a subplot of the main story or open the door to a new Night City subculture.
Keanu Reeves in Cyberpunk Games
Reported on bbc.com, Keanu Reeves sat down with the BBC Sounds Press X To Continue podcast to discuss his role in the recently released Cyberpunk 2077.
In addition to the game. He talks about the breakout value of 2020, why he enjoys projects that look to the future. And how optimistic he is for 2021.
Set in a dystopian version of the near future, Cyberpunk 2077 sees players navigate life in the underworld of the fictional Night City. Keanu Reeves played Johnny Silverhand in the game.

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