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The most dangerous nation for environmental is Colombia

The most dangerous nation for environmental is Colombia

A research by the non governmental organization Global Witness shows that at least 177 environmental activists slain globally last year.

Colombia is now the deadliest nation for environmental defenders after 60 of the murders there.


According to Global Witness, relatively few murderers ever brought to justice.

The pressure group claims that the murderers’ impunity is provoking new acts of violence.

In Colombia, the incidence of fatal assaults on environmental activists nearly doubled in 2022.

According to the organization’s research, at least 382 people have died nationwide since it started keeping track of attacks against environmentalism in 2012.

While other nations in Latin America have proved lethal, this makes it the nation with the highest number of green activist murders worldwide.

Brazil reported 34 killings of environmental activists. Honduras 11 and Mexico 31.

39 people kill in the Amazon region, many of them members of indigenous groups.

The report claims that these people threaten by a variety of activities, such as forestry and gold mining. Is said that a number of businesses with headquarters in the US, the EU, and the UK have a history of violating human rights.

According to Laura Furones, senior consultant for Global Witness, “Research has consistently shown that Indigenous peoples are the best guardians of the forests and as a result play a fundamental role in mitigating the climate crisis.”

“However, they are being attack in nations like Brazil, Peru, and Venezuela for doing just that. Every day, additional attacks are report.

Eleven environmental activists kill in the Philippines in addition to Latin America.

According to Global Witness, underreporting of instances and a lack of independent monitoring have made it difficult to determine the entire scope of the killings.

They added that advocates were also increasingly the target of legal actions meant to silence them as they urged governments throughout the world to take prompt action.

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