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The migrant crisis in Europe is centered on the island

The migrant crisis in Europe is centered on the island

Up to 6,800 people arrived in improvised boats from Tunisia on September 13 at the tiny Italian island. Which is less than 150 kilometers from the coast of Africa. The vast majority of these migrants were from sub-Saharan Africa.

The situation on the island of Lampedusa has once again highlighted the crisis Europian nations. Face in managing migration flows in the Mediterranean with thousands of people stranded on its shores. Reception facilities on the verge of collapsing. Brief scenes of chaos spreading across social media, and attempts at political exploitation. The 7,000-person island, which is located in Italy fewer than 150 kilometers from the coast of Africa. Welcomed up to 6,800 people on Wednesday, September 13. Most of them were from sub-Saharan Africa and who arrived from nearby Tunisia aboard improvised boats.

The Italian Red Cross, in charge of the island’s welcome facility built to hold 600 people. Was still processing the shock of the previous day. On Thursday evening following a day with noticeably fewer arrivals. They are force to take care of the requirements. Of 2,000 to 3,000 individuals as a fleet of military and commercial ships continue to transport people to Italian ports. According to Rosario Valastro, president of the Italian Red Cross, “a situation like this is never been see on the island.” He gave an example of a reception system that is completely unable to handle extreme pressure brought on by favorable weather circumstances migration.

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The method entails migrants being move to a receiving facility, the “hotspot,” before departing the island for other structures. This operation is already migration been put through extreme strain by the rise in landings on the island this year. However, the large influx of people arriving on Wednesday was unable to take advantage of the support often offered by the Red Cross and volunteers on the island. According to Valastro, it was unable to control the situation and respond to needs, which led to delays, hostile outbursts, and high tensions.


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