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The future doesn’t involve floating structures. Already arrived

The future doesn’t involve floating structures. Already arrived

Firstly, While we work to address the climate crisis, we already have to deal with the realities of our changing climate. The floating structures coastlines are expected to experience a rise of 10 to 12 inches in sea level by 2050. Due to the accelerated rate of sea level rise. According to the UN Secretary-General. This might cause entire nations and villages to vanish in the ensuing decades; the danger is greatest for the 900 million or so people who live in low-lying coastal areas.

Secondly, Devastating flooding has already hit several of these vulnerable areas. But some architects are envisioning a future. Where we live with water—and even on it—instead of erecting seawalls to try to keep it out or elevating homes on stilts.

Thirdly, Complete “climate-resilient” floating cities have been proposed, including one large enough to house 20,000 people. In the Maldives and an ambitious maritime community in South Korea. However, current initiatives from Rotterdam to Lagos are demonstrating how living on the water might function and in ways that could be scaled up.

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“Water Cities Rotterdam,” a new exhibition at the Nieuwe Instituut in the Dutch city, showcases the work of NLÉ. A firm of architects led by Kunlé Adeyemi that has been investigating and testing floating architecture all over the world. In the ponds of the museum are a number of floating pavilions that grew out of the critically renowned Makoko. Floating School project by the Amsterdam- and Lagos-based studio.

The Makoko neighborhood of Lagos, Nigeria, thousands of people live in improvised wooden buildings. That are perched on stilts in a lagoon. In 2012, Adeyemi constructed a school for the settlement’s people after being inspired by it.

The architect discussed how the residents of Makoko had previously adapted during a severe storm that struck Lagos in 2011 over video call: “Entire streets were submerged in water, and I knew that cities are going to flood. It seemed like a revelation.

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