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The data is based on the release of United States (US) officials.

The data is based on the release of United States (US) officials.

data  As reported by the New York Times. Which cited anonymous US officials military casualties from the Russian side were close to 300 thousand people. Include 120 thousand who were kill and 170 thousand to 180 thousand people injury. While the deaths on the Ukrainian side were around 70 thousand people, with 100 thousand to 120 thousand people injured. Deaths on the battlefield in Ukraine have surpassed the number of Americans killed in Vietnam during the war nearly 20 years ago, with an estimated 58,000 victims.
The source warned that the death toll remains difficult to determine because Moscow is believed to usually count its own war dead and wounded. And Kyiv does not release official figures.

Officials who spoke to the newspaper said the casualty rate shot up after Kyiv launched its long-awaited counteroffensive in June 2023.

That said the counteroffensive has so far been dead a failure to gain and major territorial advantage. Having come face-to-face with the vast lines of fortified and mine-laden Russian defenses. According to US officials the number of dead. And wounded during the first two weeks of the Kyiv counter offensive is estimated to be in the thousands. In addition, about 20 percent of the modern arsenal that Ukraine obtained from its Western allies, including tanks and armored personnel carriers, was destroyed or damaged by the enemy.

The last time a senior US official made note of casualty estimates was January 2-23, when General Mark Milley, the Joint Chiefs of Staff for the Army, said that Russia suffered at a cost of over 100,000 people. At that time, the war had not yet reached a year.

US officials have been about Ukrainian lose estimates. Which can be attribut in part to Kyiv own reluctance to share figure. And in part to analy preoccupation with Russian casualty rates. However, Mark Milley in November 2022 stated that Ukraine had lost around 100 thousand soldiers due to injury or death. The ravaged city finally fell to the Russian Wagner Group mercenaries in May 2023. But Ukrainian forces have gained an additional advantage around Bakhmut.

According to analysts, Ukraine, with a pre-war population of 43 million, has about 500,000 troops, including active, reserve and paramilitary troops. By contrast, Russia, which has a population of over 143 million, has 1,330,000 soldiers or fighters.

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