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Rules to Know when Traveling by Airplane Overnight

Rules to Know when Traveling by Airplane Overnight

Over the past few months, differences regarding etiquette when traveling by airplane have often caught the public’s attention. Starting from swapping seats, reclining airplane seats, to fighting over armrests.
Travel experts weigh in on the unwritten rules for airline passengers on flights, especially overnight ones. For example, when to use the spare seat and how to ignore the snoring passenger next to you.

The right time to use a spare chair

Selfish habit or unquestionable right? The etiquette of reclining your  plane seat

Experts warn passengers should refrain from using empty seats when flying at night. It is important to remain seated upright during takeoff for safety reasons. According to travel blogger Lee Abbamonte, the plane takes off, wait a minute and if nothing moves, then do it.
Additionally it is important to ask the flight attendant if it is possible to move. This is because some spaces are left empty for certain reasons. Including so that flight attendants have quick access when sudden turbulence occurs or to provide extra space during a medical emergency.

Be wary of those trying to sleep

How can I get better sleep on long-haul flights?

Mid-flight, all lights in the cabin will be dimmed to create a darker environment for those who want to get some shut-eye. At this time, you should also turn off the lights on your laptop or internal entertainment screen and lower the window shades.
If possible, they should also turn off overhead lights. But if you want to still get light, you have to buy a clip-on reading light if needed.
Experts agree that you should avoid walking in the alleys. You may be tempted to stretch your legs by walking. If you need to stretch, go to the back kitchen area and walk in place or stretch until you feel ready to return.

Dress appropriately

Flight Attendants Explain Why an Airline Dress Code for Passengers Exist

Passengers on night flights are also advised to dress appropriately. For example, wear outerwear and avoid pajamas. Instead you can wear casual or sportswear – for example leggings and a t-shirt.

Avoid eating snacks that smell

Passenger disgusts people by stinking out a plane with smelly food - but  people are on their side | The Sun

One of the rules that applies to airplane passengers both day and night is to avoid eating snacks that have a strong smell. Popular delicacies that should be avoided because they are notoriously smelly include tuna, sauerkraut, and eggs.

Don’t stay in the bathroom for too long

Airplane Bathroom Etiquette: 8 Things Not to Do | Airfarewatchdog Blog

Although some passengers still want to do their nighttime routine on the plane before bed, it’s important not to overdo it. Try to do this ritual at the airport. If you don’t have to on the plane, avoid using unscented products, place your toiletries within easy reach and keep them compact.

Ignore the snorers


Some people may have a habit of snoring while sleeping. This is an integral part of night flights that is difficult to avoid. The easiest solution is to utilize earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones to drown out the sound.

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