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Ready to Handover Your New Home?

Ready to Handover Your New Home?

Having your own home is the dream of many people and one of the great achievements in life. Before the house is completely owned and legally received, there are several important steps that need to be taken into account, including the house handover process.
Handover is when the physical keys to the house are handed over to you to become the legal owner. Previously, there were several things that needed to be paid attention to and checked to ensure the house met the quality standards and specifications promised. Here are five things you need to pay attention to before handing over a new house according to Gravel.

Documents and contracts

Check all home purchase documents, especially the title deed, sale and purchase deed, and other written agreements that have been signed. Make sure the document is as agreed and there are no glaring discrepancies. Also check the promises of the previous owner or developer regarding equipment and facilities that must be present and functioning.
If there are differences between the contract and the reality on the ground, you have the right to request specifications according to the contract. Make sure this is discussed with the authorities before handing over the new home.

Building Quality

Carry out a thorough inspection of the quality of the building, including walls, roofs, floors and ceilings. Look for any significant damage or cracks. Also check the electricity, water and gas installations. Try switches, outlets, and faucets to make sure everything is working properly. Apart from that, check the quality of the house finishing, including wall paint, floors, ceramics and furniture as promised in the contract.

Drainage and sanitation

Efficient drainage is essential to prevent leaks and damage from standing water. Check water lines, sewer lines, and toilets to ensure they are working properly. Make sure there are no leaks or blockages that could interfere with comfort in your new home. This check will help avoid problems that could arise in the future.

Permits and certificates

Before receiving the keys, make sure the home meets all necessary regulations and permits. You must receive all appropriate certificates, such as a building permit certificate (IMB), environmental certificate, or other certificates required according to regional regulations. Complete permits and certificates provide assurance that the house was built and operated legally.

Understanding additional costs

Apart from the cost of buying a house, there are additional costs that may arise. These additional costs typically include monthly or annual maintenance fees, property taxes, insurance costs, and other homeownership-related costs. Understanding and planning a budget for these costs is part of being prepared for a new homeowner.
For ordinary people, checking the condition of a house is a difficult task because there are many aspects that require special knowledge in the field of construction services. To overcome this, you can use trusted expert services, such as surveyor services.

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