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North Korea Criticizes US Efforts to Hold Open Meeting at UN Security Council

North Korea Criticizes US Efforts to Hold Open Meeting at UN Security Council

North Korea Criticizes US Efforts to Hold Open Meeting at UN Security Council. NEW YORK North Korea on Tuesday 15/8/2023 criticized the plans for an open meeting of the United Nations Security Council led by the US. The meeting aims to discuss North Korea’s human rights record.

North Korean Deputy Foreign Minister Kim Sun-kyung said that if the council. Deals with any country’s human rights, the US should come first. Because the US is an anti-people crime empire it is totally depraved because of all kinds of social evils Kim said.

Kim asked all members of the council to take the right attitude. Kim said they should understand that the real US intentions have. Nothing to do with universal conceptions of protecting human rights. According to Kim the US stance was only to realize its narrow thinking and hegemonic geopolitical goals.

North Korea will resolutely oppose any act of US hostility that

threatens peace and security on the Korean peninsula and the whole world. And strictly defends the country’s sovereignty, highest human rights and the interests of the people Kim said. The United States which served as president of the Security Council this month scheduled a meeting on human rights in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) or North Korea’s official name for Thursday (17/8/2023). This will be the Security Council’s first open meeting on DPRK human rights issues since 2017. Last week the US Ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield said.

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the UN Human Rights Chief, Volker Turk, and the UN independent

investigator on human rights in the east seaman, Elizabeth Salmon, will brief the board members. The Security Council must address the horrors, violations and crimes committed by the regime of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il against its own people and the people of Japan and South Korea said Thomas-Greenfield. The spokesman for the US Mission to the United Nations Nate Evans reiterated that North Korea’s ongoing human rights violations contravene the principles of the UN Charter. The violations were directly related to Pyongyang’s unlawful weapons mass destruction and ballistic missile programs.


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