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Member of Malaysian Council Becomes Victim of Death in Selangor Airplane Incident

Member of Malaysian Council Becomes Victim of Death in Selangor Airplane Incident

Malaysian Council Member of the Pelalangai Pahang Council, Johari Harun. Was one of the victims killed in a plane crash incident on the streets of Elmina City. Not far from Shah Alam, Selangor State, Malaysia, Thursday (17/8).
He was one of a total of eight passengers on the plane who died. The accident also killed a car driver and a motorcycle rider.
The two riders were killed by the plane in the crash. With this, the total death toll reached 10 people.
The plane belonging to the Jet Valet airline flew from Langkawi International Airport at to Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport.
Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM). Chief executive Norazman bin Mahmud said the Subang Air Traffic Control Tower.

Saw smoke coming from the crash site at 2:51 p.m.

However, there were no mayday or emergency calls from the Beechcraft Model 390 (Premier 1) aircraft with registration number N28JV.

“The safety investigation will be carried out by the Air Accident Investigation Bureau under the Malaysian Ministry of Transport in accordance with Section XXVI of the Civil Aviation Regulations 2016 said Norazman.
Meanwhile, Selangor Police Chief Hussein Omar Khan said the Fire and Rescue Department managed to extinguish the fire within 10 minutes.
“Forensic officers are in the process of collecting the body and will take it to Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital in Klang for post-mortem examination and identification,” he added.
Quoting from the Malaysian news agency, Bernama, the Jet Valet airline confirmed receiving a report about the crash of the company’s plane.
However, the company is still waiting for confirmation from the authorities on the incident and pledged full commitment and cooperation in the investigation.
“At this time Jet Valet cannot officially confirm other details including fatalities as it is still awaiting confirmation from the authorities.
An eyewitness named Nur Alia Nordin (28) claimed to have heard a loud explosion during the incident. At that time, he was at his house in Kampung Kubu Gajah.
Hearing a deafening explosion, Nur quickly ran outside to see what was causing it. The distance between Nur’s house and the incident location is about 3 kilometers (km).
Since on the way to the location, he saw thick black smoke rising into the air. “I heard a loud bang and as soon as I got to the location I saw someone on fire, on the ground,” he explained.

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