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Drunk, US Judge Shoots Dead Wife During Argument

Drunk, US Judge Shoots Dead Wife During Argument

Los Angeles – A judge in California, United States (US), tried for the murder of his own wife. In a drunken stupor, the judge shot his wife dead when the two got into an argument.
As reported by AFP, Wednesday (16/8/2023), judge Jeffrey Ferguson (72) began his trial in a court in Los Angeles, California, on Tuesday (15/8) local time. It was revealed during the trial that Ferguson killed his wife drunk with a gun kept at her ankle.

After realizing he had shot his wife Sheryl Los Angeles

Ferguson, who is a judge at the Orange County Superior Court, then sent a text message to a colleague saying: “I will not be coming in tomorrow. I will be in custody.” Prosecutors said Ferguson smelled strongly of alcohol when he was arrested and said ‘Yeah, I guess I’m done for a while’.

It was also revealed at trial that Ferguson legally owned dozens of firearms and 26,000 rounds of ammunition stashed at. His home when police arrived and found his wife dead from a gunshot wound to

the chest on August 3

The trial revealed that the case began when Ferguson and his wife had an argument over dinner at a restaurant. Near their home in the upscale suburb of Anaheim During the altercation, according to Orange County deputy district attorney Christopher. Alex, Ferguson “pointed his finger at his wife in an imitation of a gun” The couple’s argument continued at home. Where 65-year-old Sheryl said: “Why didn’t you point a real gun at me?”

It was at that moment, said Alex, Ferguson “took a gun from the holster at his ankle and shot” his wife in the chest from point-blank range. Ferguson then called emergency services 911 and asked paramedics to come, saying his wife had been shot When the operator. Asked further whether he had shot his wife, Ferguson said he did not wish to discuss the matter at that point.

After calling 911

Ferguson sent a brief message to the court clerk and bailiff where he worked informing him that he had just shot his own wife.

“I just lost control. I shot my wife. I’m not going to work tomorrow. I’ll be in custody. I’m so sorry,” Ferguson wrote in the text message, as revealed by prosecutor Alex at trial. A search of Ferguson’s house found 47 units of firearms, all of which were legally owned.

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