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Israeli Military Asks 1 Million Gaza Residents to Immediately Flee to the South

Israeli Military Asks 1 Million Gaza Residents to Immediately Flee to the South

The Israeli military urged more than 1 million people to leave their homes in Gaza City and take refuge south. The UN has previously warned that any attacks carried out could have an impact on the humanitarian sector.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has issued evacuation orders and called for humanitarian measures. However, there was no mention of a specific deadline, as an IDF spokesperson acknowledged that the evacuation process might take time.
“The IDF calls on all residents of Gaza City to leave their homes, move south for shelter or, if necessary, just stay in the area south of the Gaza River.

This evacuation is for your own safety.

Returning to Gaza City can only done after further notification. ” the IDF posted on X (Twitter). UN spokesperson Stephane Dujarric on Friday morning, 13 October 2023. Stated that the UN Office of the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and the Department of Safety and Security in Gaza (OCHA oPt) had been notifi that before midnight local time all residents in northern Gaza must be relocate.

Meanwhile, Dujarric stated that the UN had emphasized that it was impossible to carry out the relocation as requested by the IDF without leaving an impact on the humanitarian aspect. It is estimate that 1.1 million people live in these IDF-designated areas. Among those living there are UN staff and those sheltering in UN facilities, such as schools, health care centers and clinics.

The UN strongly condemns such orders.

“It would be best to cancel it to avoid what might be call a tragedy within a disaster.” Dujarric said Until Thursday evening, October 12 2023. A number of people were seen leaving their homes amidst the onslaught of Israeli air raids. Base on OCHA data, it is estimated that 423,378 people have been displaced or around 21 percent of Gaza’s total population. About two-thirds of internally displaced people are sheltering in facilities operated by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA)

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