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Indonesian tourists can travel to these four European countries without a visa

For Indonesian citizens, to go on holiday to most countries in Europe you need a visa, entry permit and stay for a certain time in another country. This means that to go to that country, tourists only need to use a passport.


Belarus | Travel guide, tips and inspiration | Wanderlust

Belarus is a country formerly know as White Russia in Eastern Europe. This country allows Indonesian tourists to go on holiday for 30 days without a visa. and being require to have a return ticket within 30 days and insurance worth 10,000 euros or IDR 168.3 million.
Belarus has many interesting tourist destinations for tourists to visit, including Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park, Braslav Lake, Mir Castle which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Brest Fortress which was a place of refuge for residents during the war era.


Serbia - What you need to know before you go - Go Guides

Serbia is blesse with enchanting natural landscapes and special architecture.
There are many tourist destinations that can be visited in this country, including the Temple of Saint Sava, Belgrade Fortress and Kalemegdan Park, a fortress built in the 15th century, the Drina River near Mount Tara with houses on the rock, and the unique Drvengrad Village.


Is it Turkey or Turkiye? Why have these countries changed their names? | SBS News

Türkiye is one of the European countries that is a holiday destination for many Indonesian tourists. This country, which is located on two continents, Asia and Europe, applies visa-free conditions for Indonesian tourists for 30 days.
Some tourist attractions in Turkey that are interesting to visit include Pamukkale, Istanbul with Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque, Cappadocia which is famous for hot air balloons.


Belajar di Azerbaijan: Panduan untuk Siswa Internasional

To vacation in Azerbaijan, Indonesian tourists only need to make a visa-on-arrival (VOA) with a stay of 30 days.
This country is also interesting to visit because it has a stunning cultural heritage, for example the Old City of Baku. Some tourist destinations that can be destinations when visiting this country are Absheron National Park, Mount Garasu, Icheri Sheher which have become UNESCO world heritage sites.

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