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How’ sportstyle sneakers dominated the secondhand market

How’ sportstyle sneakers dominated the secondhand market

For years, Nike’s well-known Dunks would be purchase as soon as they were on sale via the company’s shoes app. Frequently getting double the price when they later resold.

Sportstyle footwear, the most recent product category to attract exorbitant prices on the secondary market. Is a stylish take on trail, running, or hiking shoes. Since 2010 when designers started appropriating the aesthetic of niche outdoor sports. Celebrities, fashion insiders, and gorpcore. Enthusiasts have coveted favorites like Salomon’s XT-6 trail sneakers or Asics’ Gel Kayano 14 silhouette. But sportstyle only recently entered the mainstream: Hoka and Swiss-running company On only became $1 billion-a-year brands last year.

This type of footwear is what’s generating the most buzz among sneakerheads, as you can see by taking a short glance at any resale site. On, Salomon, and Asics are the three shoe labels that have seen the biggest growth this year in terms of sales on the US-based resale marketplace StockX. Trade activity for On has increased by almost 15,000% year over year.


Asics and Salomon are the fifth and sixth top-selling brands on the platform, respectively. Their volume is increasing quickly thanks to tactics adopted from their larger competitors and positive trends like consumers’ long-term preference for using performance footwear in everyday life, according to Drew Haines, StockX merchandising director for sneakers and apparel.

Performance, but fashionize it
Sneakers with a sporty aesthetic successfully combine fashion and function. A genuine athlete probably wouldn’t wear Nike Dunks or New Balance 550s on the court, despite the fact that they are sports-inspired footwear. But Hokas or Salomons created in eye-catching colours for the fashion set are the same as their understated performance-line equivalents. According to Franco Fogliato, chief executive of Salomon, every pair of shoes is build to withstand the fame, 160-kilometer alpine ultramarathon known the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc.

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