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France stops sales of iPhone 12, emits too much radiation

France stops sales of iPhone 12, emits too much radiation

Frence regulators on Tuesday ordered Apple to stop selling the iPhone 12 because it emits too much electromagnetic radiation. French regulators also ordered Apple to repair existing cellphones.

France’s radio frequency regulator, ANFR, said tests found that the smartphone model emitted more electromagnetic waves that the body is susceptible to absorbing than permitted.
ANFR said it “ordered Apple to remove the iPhone 12 from the French market from September 12 because the model exceeds the limits” of electromagnetic absorption by the body.

It said accredite laboratories had found the body’s absorption of electromagnetic energy to be 5.74 watts per kilogram during tests that simulated when the phone was  in the hand or kept in a pocket.

If not, Apple should take it back.

ANFR noted that tests measuring electromagnetic radiation absorbed at a distance of five centimeters met the limit of 2.0 watts per kilogram. ANFR said its agents will verify from Wednesday 13 September 2023 that the iPhone 12 models are no longer offer for sale in France. Apple confirmed in its statement that it complies with exposure limits and will continue to engage with French regulators to demonstrate this. Regulators in a number of countries have limits on the amount of electromagnetic radiation that mobile phones can emit to prevent adverse health effects.

The World Health Organization (WHO) states on its website that based on a large number of studies, “there are no adverse health effects cause by mobile phone use.”

Launch of iPhone 12, Here are the Specifications and Competitive Advantages

Apple officially introduced its newest generation of iPhone, iPhone 12, at an event entitle Hi Speed ​​which was  virtually, Wednesday morning Indonesian time, 14 October 2020. This launch has been delay for a month due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Apple’s tradition of making new launches every September. This morning’s event confirmed that the latest series consists of four models, namely iPhone 12 Mini (5.4 inches), iPhone 12 (6.1 inches), iPhone 12 Pro (6.1 inches), and iPhone 12 Pro Max (6.7 inches). ). The event title Hi Speed ​​is proven to show support for the 5G internet network for the iPhone 12. 5G technology is claime to make the iPhone 12 not only faster, but smarter.

The iPhone 12 model

is said to 11 percent thinner, 15 percent smaller, and 16 percent lighter the iPhone 11. The outer layer technology uses ceramic material, no longer glass technology. uses the A14 Bionic Chip which is claime to be the fastest smartphone chip. The innards of the iPhone 12 support it for peak download performance of 3.5 Gbps and peak speed of 4.0 Gbps. The new chip and 5G technology are said to be ready to welcome the best games coming to the iPhone.

The camera is dual, consisting of ultra wide and wide, 12 MP each. Some of its superior features are better low light and computational photography. Then there is also the MagSafe feature in the form of a special magnet with a number of sensors behind the iPhone’s back. This can be use as a small pocket attache to the iPhone or for the purpose of an iPhone sleeve or cover. MagSafe is also show to be compatible with its 16 W wireless charging feature.

While the iPhone 12 mini was introduce

it has exactly the same specifications as the iPhone 12, only with a smaller physical size. The iPhone 12 mini is called the smallest and thinnest iPhone ever. It is even smaller than the iPhone 8 but has a wider screen with a ratio of 4.7 : 5.4 inches.
For the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini respectively, Apple is offering them at prices starting from US$ 799 and US$ 699 or the equivalent of Rp. 11.8 million and Rp. 10.3 million.

On the iPhone 12 Pro (6.1 inches) and Pro Max (6.7 inches), Apple prioritizes a more elegant design, including a perfectly curved stainless steel frame. The rear camera is also triple with enhanced performance, such as Deep Fusion and Sensor-shift technology for optical image stabilization, as well as LiDAR.

The price offered for these two models is US$ 999 or Rp. 14.7 million for the iPhone 12 Pro with a storage capacity of 128 GB, and starts from US$ 1,099 or Rp. 16.2 million for the Pro Max. All four iPhone 12 models can be pre-ordered starting October 16 and November 6, specifically the iPhone 12Pro Max.

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