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First-ever landing of an Indian spacecraft close to the Moon’s south pole

First-ever landing of an Indian spacecraft close to the Moon’s south pole

After the US, the USSR, and China, India entered the elite group of nations that have successfully landed a Indian spacecraft on the Moon at 14:34 Central European Summer Time. On Wednesday, August 23, the nation glu to its televisions for around 20 minutes. The Vikram lander of Chandrayaan-3 started its important descent into the Moon, and all eyes were on it. The spacecraft eventually made a gentle landing close to the south pole, an area that has not yet been thoroughly investigate. Another significant turning point in India’s space program history and a first for the entire world.

This was the follow-up effort. A maiden Indian mission that launch in 2019 ended in failure after the spacecraft achieved lunar orbit but lost touch with the ground crew.

Indian spacecraft

On Wednesday, cheers and acclaim could be heard coming from the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)’s control center in Bangalore. On ISRO’s YouTube page, more than 7 million people saw the lunar landing live as well. Prime Minister Narendra Modi made the statement while visiting the BRICS conference in Johannesburg. Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa are the BRICS nations. This achievement belongs to all of humanity, he said, adding that it will help support future lunar expeditions by other nations.

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Enthusiasm has been at an all-time high since Chandrayaan-3, which means “lunar ship” in Sanskrit, launched on July 14 from Sriharikota in the south of the nation. On Wednesday, special rituals held in schools all around India, and tens of thousands of people pray for the mission’s success.

India’s space mission, which only cost $75 million (€69 million), or less than the projected $100 million budget of the movie Gravity, succeeded where Russia had failed four days before. After an erroneous shift in orbit, Luna-25 crashed on August 19, two days before its planned lunar landing in the same area.

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