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Escaped Police are pursuing an armed assassin in Pennsylvania.

Escaped Police are pursuing an armed assassin in Pennsylvania.

Since August 31st, Danelo Cavalcante has been evading capture.

According to police, he change how he look throughout the weekend. Police sent a warning to locals early on Tuesday morning. In Pennsylvania that they are hunting an escape inmate Danelo Cavalcante and that he arm. In a brief statement the Pennsylvania State Police state. That they are looking for Cavalcante, 34, in South Coventry Township. Chester County, which is northwest of Philadelphia.

Police advise the public to stay inside and lock all windows and doors. while advising them not to approach him. The information is release when Cavalcante, who have change his look, and observe on Sunday in neighboring Phoenixville.Cavalcante found guilty of fatally stabbing his ex-girlfriend and given a life sentence without the possibility of parole last month.

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According to the police, he had been seeking to get in touch with former coworkers to ask for support.On security footage from the day of his escape from Chester County Prison in Pocopson Township on August 31, he can be seen stretching across a wall in the exercise yard before ascending to the roof.After investigating a location where Cavalcante left a stolen van, police announced on Monday that the “long game” in their search for Cavalcante had begun.

According to authorities, he had been hiding out first in wooded areas but had since moved to a more densely populated location.As he engaged in that strategic game of hide and seek in the woods,Now that he’s in an urban area, I think law enforcement has an advantage, said Deputy U.S. Marshal Robert Clark on Monday. Our investigators excel at doing that. On Monday in Glenmoore, Pennsylvania, police search for escaped prisoner Danelo Cavalcante, Be carefull for everybody now and the next several times.

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