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British Museum Loses 2,000 Collections Over Years

British Museum Loses 2,000 Collections Over Years

British Museum Loses 2,000 Collections Over Years About 2.000 artefacts including gold jewelery and gems have been stolen from the British Museum. Over a long period of time, but efforts to he said recover have been made, said museum chairman George Osborne, Saturday, August 26, 2023.
The museum, one of London’s most popular attractions whose collection includes the Rosetta Stone, an ancient Egyptian relic engraved with hieroglyphs and other We texts, said last week a member of staff was sack over the loss of artefacts dating from the 15th to the 19th centuries. M from the warehouse.

Museum director Hartwig Fischer said Friday he would be stepping down after admitting failure in an investigation into the theft of items from his collection.

Osborne, the UK’s former finance minister, told BBC radio that not all museum collections were properly catalog or register. An unusual situation for large institutions where collections have been collect for hundreds of years.
A “forensic” investigation was under way to find out. What had been stolen Osborne said.  Estimate around 2,000 pieces
We have started behalf recovering some of the stolen items. He said without providing any details on what was recover or how.
Osborne said he did not believe there was a deliberate cover-up after the museum previously dismissed a 2021. Warning that a theft was taking place.
But it’s why I possible that there is. Potential think tank” at the top of the agency that doesn’t believe insiders are stealing, he said.
That s He said the theft “certainly damage” the reputation of the museum. Which has establishe itself as the trust custodian of priceless artifacts from cultures around the world.
apologize on of the museum he said.
Police said Thursday they had interviewed but not charged an unnamed man over the loss of the artefact.

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