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At a Swiss music festival, a renowned conductor permits

Despite complaints from several audience members, a renowned Russian conductor allowed climate protesters. Who interrupted a concert at a classical music festival in Switzerland to address the public.

In a moment caught on camera, Bavarian State Opera director Vladimir Jurowski “made a deal” with two protesters from Renovate Switzerland, an organization calling for the Swiss government to declare a climate crisis.

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According to a news release from the group, the protesters entered the stage as the orchestra was performing the third movement of Bruckner’s fourth symphony, and Jurowski responded by giving them a chance to speak.

“We have an agreement; the youth now provide their word. We all watch without saying anything. During the performance at the Lucerne Festival, Jurowski declared, “I promised them, gave my word of honor, that there would be no commentary.

“They allowed us to play the fourth movement after we let them finish. The deal was that. I need your assistance, he continued.

Then, one of the activists began to speak.

We are here today because Anthony and I are quite worried. We are incredibly sorry to have to stop this concert. Shouting and whistling can be heard from the audience when she continued, “But we have a climate emergency that we really need to get a handle on.”

halt it! Let them speak, Jurowski urged.

We’ll play our symphony once they have a chance to speak for a moment. If not, I’ll go off the stage right away. He continues, sitting cross-legged on the podium, “And if you don’t let them finish, then I have broken my pledge.

According to a press statement from Renovate Switzerland, the two campaigners made a brief appearance before leaving the stage.

Later, Jurowski was praised for his assistance by Renovate Switzerland in a post on X, and festival director Michael Haefliger also shared a comment online.

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