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After the uproar over Taylor Swift tickets, progress in the US

After the uproar over Taylor Swift tickets, progress in the US

Some devoted fans paid more than 70 times face value to see their favorite artist in person after thousands of fans were unable to obtain tickets for megastar Taylor Swift summer stadium tour. This indignation led to congressional hearings and laws in state legislatures to further protect consumers.

Swift’s U.S. tour is over after ten months, but most significant reforms that business groups and consumer advocacy organizations wanted to see this year are also over. The U.S. Senate has thus far been unable to pass a measure. The Democratic governor of Colorado vetoed a piece of legislation at the behest of several consumer advocacy groups.

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What began as a comprehensive package of legislation in California, home to renown recording studios like Capitol Records and influential clubs like the Whiskey A Go Go and Hollywood Bowl, been reduce to a single bill banning hidden fees, something New York and Connecticut have already done and most significant industry players have already commit to doing on their own.

“Is that it? Is that all we’re going to do, California, the state that leads the country in so many areas of consumer protection? stated Robert Herrell, the Consumer Federation of California’s executive director. “What an embarrassing situation. It’s insufficient.

The difficulty of enforcing regulations in a sector disrup by technology is further show by the delay progress on modifying how tickets should sold and resold. The days of waiting in a line box office to inquire about the availability and pricing of seat are long gone.

Most tickets are now purchase online and download to phones or other devices. The price that customers will pay is frequently unknown until just before they click the purchase button, when fees and charges—which occasionally can be nearly as much as the ticket price—are levied.

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