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After a surprise attack by Hamas, Israel declared war on it.

After a surprise attack by Hamas, Israel declared war on it.

Militants bombarded Israeli towns close to the Gaza Strip with tens of thousands of missiles and fighters. Airstrikes were started in Gaza after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that the nation was at war.

On Saturday, October 7, on a significant Jewish holiday. Hamas militants stunned the nation with an unprecedented surprise early morning strike. Firing thousands of missiles and sending dozens of fighters into Israeli cities close to the Gaza Strip. At least 250 people are kill and 1,590 are injure. Israel declared that it was at war with Hamas at the time and started carrying out airstrikes in Gaza. Threatening to exact a “unprecedented price.”

Israeli forces are still engage in combat. With Hamas fighters hours after the raid started, according to army spokesman Daniel Hagari. These 22 locations included towns and other villages.

According to Israel’s national rescue agency. The attack was the bloodiest in years with at least 100 fatalities and hundreds of injuries. Another extremely sensitive matter for Israel. Is the capture and transport into Gaza of an undetermined number of troops and civilians from Israel. Hagari claim that hostages are being by extremists in two towns. Ofakim and Beeri, which are both 24 kilometers from the Gaza border.

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Conflict had the potential to get worse.

The confrontation had the potential to worsen severely. Previous wars between Israel and the Hamas-run government in Gaza resulted in considerable death and destruction in that region as well as days of rocket fire on Israeli communities. With Israel’s far-right government hurt by the security lapse and Palestinians despondent over an endless occupation, the mix could now be more explosive.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office issued a statement on Saturday night announcing that Israel would suspend delivering gasoline, products, and electricity to Gaza. After Israel, which provides almost all of the territories’ power, turned off its electrical supply earlier in the day, a large portion of Gaza is already plunge into darkness by the time it got dark outside. Netanyahu add that the “first phase” of the counter-operation was over and that the majority of the Hamas terrorists is been driven back.

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