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A recent French research cautions that’serious abuses of human

A recent French research cautions that’serious abuses of human

According to a recent research, online porno is rife with scary and disgusting imagery that may be illegal. The report’s sponsoring council wants to penalize the porn business.

Sylvie Pierre-Brossolette believed it was essential to shock people. In order to “break through the wall of indifference” enclosing the odious reality of the porn industry. The French High Council for Equality between Women and Men (HCE) is preside up by Pierre-Brosolette. That objective is been accomplishe by her paper, “Porno-criminality: Putting an end to the porn industry’s impunity.” The report, which will be formally delivere to France’s minister. For gender equality, Bérangère Couillard, on Wednesday, September 27, paints a horrifying image.

The HCE’s panel on violence against women has been looking at footage. That may be watch online for more than a year it conduct a research of four pornographic sites. (PornHub, Xhamster, Xvideos, and Xnxx) in March after holding a significant number of hearings. And reviewing the literature in the field these investigations were detaile. In more than 230 pages along with a warning from the HCE. That aimed to “draw attention to the serious violations of human dignity and.

The recordings show acts of physical assault, verbal abuse, and frequently acts of savagery and torture. According to the HCE, the vast majority of the available content is jam-packed with pictures that are not only offensive to and demeaning to women, but are also punishable by law in France. The Paris public prosecutor, Laure Beccuau, received support from the advisory group, which is responsible with directing government policy on equality problems. The judge stated at a senate session in September 2022 on the first parliamentary study on the subject, “Behind the Scenes” (“L’envers du décor”), that

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“Women asphyxiated and tortured”

A search on four French websites that carry this kind of content produced 70,118 movies with the word “surprise” and 13,898 videos with the word “torture.” There must have been 1.4 million films that depicte heinous deeds including “women being electrocute, asphyxiated in plastic bags, and screaming in pain.” These movies, which can be found easily, depict actual events; they are not simulations. the researchers state. Their suffering is simultaneously made erotic and plain to observe.

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