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5 Important Moments When Afghan Women’s Rights Were Destroyed by the Taliban

5 Important Moments When Afghan Women’s Rights Were Destroyed by the Taliban

5 Important Moments When Afghan Women’s Rights Were Destroyed by the Taliban. We will also allow for a woman to study and work within our framework. Women will be very active in the society we will get. The Taliban said in their first press conference, shortly after seizing power in Afghanistan on August 15, 2021. Two years later, those guarantees were decisively destroyed by actions taken by the Taliban government. The suppression of women’s rights under the Taliban was some of the harshest in the world, carried out through a relentless series of religious-based decrees and bylaws that continued to be enforced across Afghanistan.


During those moments, the BBC was on the ground to speak with Afghan children and women

documenting the grief, fear, hope and determination as their lives and world were restricted. September 2021 – A ban for girls in high schools. The first indications of the Taliban’s attitude towards women came a month after taking power in Afghanistan. Secondary schools were opened for boys, but access to education for girls was not mentioned by the Ministry of Education.We were told not to attend class as a 17 year old girl told us in Kabul at the time.

For 11 years despite what would be at risk of violence, I worked hard to become a doctor. I was devastated and sobbed as she waved to her sister as she left for school. That same week all the female employees of the Kabul City administration were told by the mayor to stay at home for the time being. Only those who do jobs that cannot be done by men, are allowed to continue their careers. But still, some women felt there was hope at that time. They have kept the university open so I think they will change their policy soon,” one student told us.

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At that time, we visited the headquarters of the Taliban’s moral police, Ministry of Preaching and Prevention of Crime

The ministry was established in the same complex as the previous regime’s Ministry of Women’s Affairs building. The ministry was abolished by the Taliban a few weeks after they took power. At that time we were told that women were allowed into the ministry, but we didn’t see any women.
Why did you close the school for girls? I asked a Taliban spokesman who was sitting in the compound, surrounded by Taliban fighters. The girls themselves don’t go to school, he answered.

When pressed, she said

We’re going to be opening all-girls schools across the country. We are working to improve the safety and comfort situation. Beauty salons help hide our sadness. One year of Taliban rule, how have Afghan women’s rights been taken away? Afghan women share the ‘horrific experience’ of giving birth under Taliban rule. December 2021 to March 2022 – Travel restrictions and broken promises allow girls to pursue secondary education. Photo of a girls’ school in Kandahar in 2011 top photo and this week bottom photo. BBC Women have now responded to these restrictions by demonstrating on the streets of regional Afghan cities seeking and demanding the right to work and study. On several occasions, they were violently stopp by the Taliban government.

I’m tied up with electric wires, one protester told us during a secret meeting at a friend’s house.

He mov from place to place for fear of being caught. As of January Monday 2022, at least four women’s activities were arrest- they were held for weeks on end and tortur beaten in detention. Restrictions are carried out gradually. In December 2021, the Ministry of Virtue and Government Representatives ordered that women traveling more than 72 kilometers must be accompanied by a close male relative. Then suddenly came a hope. Hundreds of Afghan women fled abroad to continue their education. Dive into the thoughts of the Taliban leader after two years in power in Afghanistan. Afghanistan university opened without women
On March 21, 2023, the Taliban Ministry of Education announced that “all students” will be able to return to school at the start of the new academic year semester.

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