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10 of the best free tourist spots in the world, are there any from Indonesia?

10 of the best free tourist spots in the world, are there any from Indonesia?

free tourist We’ve probably all heard the expression ‘the best things in life are free’. When planning a vacation, especially on a limited budget, there’s nothing better than getting free gifts.
Something that is free when you get it on vacation can lighten the financial burden, whether it’s admission to a tourist attraction like a museum or access to a stunning natural attraction. That’s why Casago, a vacation home rental company, set out to find the best free attractions in the world. Using TripAdvisor reviews, they’ve researched which free attractions have the most five-star ratings.
According to Casago’s research, the ancient Belgian city of Bruges is the location of the best free tourist attraction in the world. 94.5 percent of reviews of the Mini Harp Museum, aka the Mini Harp Museum, run by harperist and harpist enthusiast Luc Vanlaere, received a five-star rating. This tourist attraction is an intimate concert venue.

Created to amaze audiences with the beautiful sound of harps. While in second place on this list is the National Museum of the US Air Force (United States). It hosts many exhibits spanning various eras of the US Air Force’s history, from its early years to missile galleries. Reviews of the National Museum of the US Air Force from TripAdvisor users reach 92.85 percent with a five-star rating. On this list is the third Horseshoe Falls, the largest of the three waterfalls that make up Niagara Falls in Canada. With 92.7 percent of reviews regarding this iconic natural tourist spot, the rating is also five stars. This proves that Horseshoe Falls is just as good. Of the 10 tourist attractions on this list, unfortunately none of them are from Indonesia.

Here are the 10 best free tourist attractions in the world according to Casago.

1. Harpist Luc Vanlaere (Mini Harp Museum), Belgium

2. National Museum of the US Air Force, USA

3. Horseshoe Falls, Canada

4. National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center, USA

5. Lake Bacalar, Mexico

6. Golden Temple, India

7. Cerro Fitz Roy, Argentina

8. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, USA

9. Australian War Memorial, Australia

10. Lanta Animal Welfare, Thailand

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